Mutungu Primary School, Nunguni, Kenya, Mr. Bonface Mbithi, Principal

The school population is 330 students and 9 teachers. The family’s support to the school in terms of instrumental materials is almost zero. The school has no library and the children
have no free reading books.  The school is founded in a community which can be described as poor. This is because they can’t afford the basic needs. They can’t even afford three meals a day. Their living standards are generally low. In their homesteads they have no piped water, they have to search for the water. A big number of the pupils (30%) are from single parent homes, with the care from their grandparents whom can’t afford to work and feed, clothe and educate their children in the best way possible. The grandparents work on their small gardens which can’t sustain the families. Since they have no source of income it’s always difficult for the parents to afford adequate learning. Most of the homes have no access to electricity. This is always a big challenge to the pupils for they can’t always complete their homework from school. This affects mostly the pupils who have to take a long walk to and from their homes. The set up in their homesteads is another challenge too. They live in small houses which have little space if any for studying.