In the fall of 2015, The Woods Academy and WAPTO granted KEST permission to ask the community to Fund-A- Dream…a water system for the Maasai community already connected to KEST and Woods through the backpack campaign and the Book Fair funds. Kenya is suffering one of the worst draughts in recorded history. Now another community, of the Kamba tribe, needs our help. They are also involved in the school supply and backpack program at The Woods. The children are starving because of the drought. The 2018 Gala in the spring will have a display where you can support the water and food programs. KEST already supplies the school community with porridge for all but they need more.

We are looking to partner with The Woods Academy to provide food mid- day AND to install gutters and downspouts on their classroom building so they can harvest rainwater during the rainly season, plant fields with food crops and sustain the food program on their own very soon. Won’t you help?